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Bakuchiol Night Cream

Bakuchiol Night Cream


Indulge in our natural retinol alternative, hydrating night cream with hyaluronic acid, for the ultimate age defying and clarifying nightly ritual. Luxurious shea butter melts into your skin to deeply hydrate and protect skin barrier. Get all the great benefits of a retinol without the downtime. Bakuchiol is a plant that helps brighten, firm, plump, clarify, soothe and hydrate your skin while boosting cell turnover while you sleep. 

Bakuchiol Night Cream is perfectly formulated with Kojic acid, Bearberry and Camu Camu to help fight the bacteria that cause acne and unclogs pores while lightening pigmentation due to hormones and sun exposure giving a youthful glow. Allow this potent night cream to work hard while you sleep and wake up with a fresh beautiful glow!

All products are hand made in small batches.

Organic plant based skincare

Potent, organically sourced holistic professional skincare that uses the power of plants to address skin concerns and reveal healthy, glowing skin. Safe for all skin types including pregnancy safe options.

Potent plant ingredients

Powerful, result driven formulas that are gentle, yet effective. Treat your skin how it truly deserves.
Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

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Products are formulated without PEG's, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, harsh chemicals, carcinogens, artificial fragrances, or animal derived ingredients.

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Water activated exfoliant

powdered fruit enzymes

Enzyme Exfoliant

Enzyme Exfoliant


This gentle powder, water activated exfoliant is the secret to smooth, soft, supple, hydrated skin that won't leave your skin feeling tight or dry. Help all of your skincare products absorb deeper into your skin by buffing away dead skin. Rice bran powder and bamboo work to cleanse dirt and oil from pores and balance your natural oils while coconut milk leaves skin soft and hydrated. Fruit enzymes and antioxidants clarify and brighten your skin while also boosting cell turnover, collagen and elastin. Reveal a more clear, hydrated and bright complexion every time. 

All products are hand made in small batches.

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