How to achieve healthy, glowing skin

The key to healthy glowing skin is balance. The balance between exfoliants and nourishing ingredients. Having a great nighttime routine + weekly exfoliation, with daily nourishing and hydrating ingredients keeps your skin bright, clear and glowing. Overdoing active ingredients to get results faster can give you the opposite effect and instead weaken your skin barrier causing inflammation and breakouts. Soothe and nourish skin barrier while still using active ingredients 1-3 times a week depending on skin tolerance. Make sure not to mix certain products like retinol and AHA (exfoliating acids) together on the same night, you should alternate evening regimens. Soothe your skin with potent natural hydrating ingredients and your skin will be glowing. Our R + R (restore n' repair) collection is targeted towards nourishing, calming and repairing skin barrier to reveal the ultimate dewy glow. Blue Ceramide Serum and Blue Calm Balm are great to nourish post-treatment/ post-retinol/ post-peel skin, helping to eliminate dryness, peeling, redness and inflammation, restoring moisture and radiance back to skin. Both are acne safe and non-comedogenic with anti-bacterial properties making them safe and effective for all skin types and wonderful protection during the winter months. Implementing Blue Ceramide Serum and/or Age Defy or Clarify Oil into your routine along side active treatment products like Beauty Sleep Night Treatment retinol and an exfoliant like Clarify Toner, Radiance Resurfacing Serum or Pumpkin Enzyme Mask will encourage cell turnover, overall skin health and supple, glowing skin we're all striving for. 

Some ingredients to avoid that can cause irritation and inflammation in your skin are harsh chemicals, fragrance, alcohols, parabens (estrogen toxins), sulfates, phthalates and PEGs. This is why our products are formulated with only natural plant based ingredients and holistic formulas for best results.

Easy tips to glow naturally

  • Always double cleanse in the evening
  • Hydrate & nourish skin day/night with antioxidant rich ingredients
  • Exfoliate 1-2 nights a week
  • Spf 30+ every day
  • Drink plenty of water & electrolytes to flush toxins (enjoy 20% off my favorite electrolyte mix with code WELLNESS20)
  • Eat daily dark leafy greens/greens powder and turmeric/ginger (enjoy 20% off microgreens powder with code HAYLEY70752 - add into smoothies, oatmeal, baked goods, pasta sauce etc. for extra 7 cups of greens boost!)
  • Avoid inflammatory foods like dairy, gluten, excess sugar and seed oils
  • Consistency is key

The reason behind our dark amber glass bottles, not only sustainable packaging, but preserves and protects natural ingredients from degrading potency from sunlight exposure. Always store products in a dark, cool place for optimal freshness, potency and longevity. 

Consult for free with our Licensed Aesthetician if you need further help with your skin, we are here to support you through your skin journey and help you achieve your skin goals.


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