What makes ALTI Organics skincare different?

The foundation of ALTI Organics is transparency, honesty, potent ingredients, sustainability and real results. Potent plant based, result driven formulas nourish and transform complexion to reveal healthy, glowing skin! When we formulated our products, we didn’t take the easy or cheap route. We formulated based on potency, quality, nourishing ingredients, benefits and result driven, holistic formulas to deliver real results and help solve skin problems instead of masking the symptoms. Unlike most beauty brands, our products are not primarily made of water, yes doing it this way cost more, but it’s worth it.

When we say our products are potent and concentrated, we mean it. We pack in the good, nourishing ingredients so you get the most out of your products to see and feel a difference in your skin without the irritation of harsher ingredients. Did you know that serums and moisturizers are primarily made of 80-98% water?! Not ours, ALTI products are formulated with 40% or less water (some products have no water at all, the base is organic aloe with 200x potency) and the rest of the formula is potent plant ingredients your skin can use, love, and thrive from. Even our powder Enzyme Exfoliant and Detox Mask are pure ingredients without any fillers or anti-caking agents taking up space (which would make it more cost affective but less potent and effective on skin). Yes it cost more to make our products at this caliber and quality but that’s what makes us different and we wouldn’t do it any other way, because you and your skin deserve the best!

Having safe and effective products available for pregnant/breastfeeding, oncology patients, babies/children and everyone in between is why ALTI Organics was created. 

We love our customers and our products so so much, we believe in what we do and it brings us so much joy to see the impact and lives changing. Skin can really take a tole and impact mental health and well being, transforming your skin and boosting confidence is what we’re all about! Feel confident in your own skin, it’s time to glow. 

Are you having trouble deciding which products are best for your skin and how to implement them into your current routine? We are here to help you! Consult one-on-one with our Licensed Oncology trained Aesthetician and Acne Specialist or take our fun Product Recommendation Quiz. Don’t hesitate to reach out, we’d love to hear from you! 

Don’t forget to share your results and glowing skin pictures with us, tag us on social media @altiorganics you all are an inspiration!


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